A luxury home is not complete without a beautiful, custom-built, inground pool that accentuates the home’s features. Plus, there’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool in your backyard on a summer day or spending a warm evening unwinding with a leisurely swim – a luxury that no home is complete without. If you are in the market for a new home consider buying a home with room to install a pool versus a home that already has one.


The options truly are limitless when it comes to crafting an inground pool. From the materials used in construction to complementary color palettes and more.
A luxury home should utilize outdoor space as an extension of the home itself. The goal of an inground pool designer should be to create a gunite pool that not only compliments the home but also creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and fun. Look for a builder with years of experience and an extensive portfolio to make sure your pool is the perfect addition to your luxury home.
For ideas on how to take your luxury home to the next level a great place to find inspiration for your custom inground pool is real estate listings of luxury homes with inground pools.


An inground pool is an ideal addition to any luxury home. Adding a gunite pool to a backyard can boost the appearance of a luxury home, providing that:

  • The pool doesn’t take up the whole yard – the combination of grass and/or patio space around a pool gives a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere.
  • The pool is well-maintained and well-designed, matching the style of the neighborhood and your home.
  • The landscaping around the pool is well thought out and planned during the design phase of the inground pool.


While an inground pool is a stunning addition to your luxury home, upkeep is essential to keep it looking beautiful. Consult with a local pool expert to determine the best plan to maintain your pool. If you’re looking for a swimming pool that requires less maintenance, consider an automatic pool cover.


When looking for a way to improve your luxury home’s in-ground pool, look for a way to make your pool stand out. Below are some great extra features for you to consider adding.

Inground Pool Features

  • Automatic Cover – for an additional layer of safety as well as a sleek, stylish look when you’re not using your pool, an automatic cover is the ideal choice. Proven to reduce energy costs, every luxury home should have a pool with an automatic cover, which saves you time and improves your energy efficiency.
  • Pool Deck – No inground pool is complete without a pool deck. Pool decks can be built in a variety of materials and can come in a variety of sizes. A pool deck is what ties a swimming pool in with a home’s features.
  • Sheer Descent – this stunning water feature simulates a waterfall projecting from the pool wall, with an adjustable flow that ranges from a silent, glass-like waterfall to a rushing mountain spring. It’s totally customizable to your preference.
  • Custom Coping & Tile – Coping is the edging around an inground pool. A 6” tile band can be installed to offer a smooth surface to easily clean residue on the waterline. The details put into the coping and tile can bring a gunite pool’s aesthetic to the next level.
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